Alison James
Sports massage & Injury specialist

Stand up Paddle Boarding Rental

A Bit from Alison 

I always had and still have a love of the ocean and water. Surfing was a true passion of mine. But 5 yrs ago I damaged my lower back, by herniating 2 discs.

I was told by the consultant that I would always be in pain and should consider changing my job. I was devastated for many months, but continued to work, even with the pain. I started to think that as I help so many people return to a relatively pain free way of life again, surely I can help myself.

I read everything I could on discs and chronic back pain and made my own programme of movements and excersises. 2 years later my back was much better. However I have permenantly lost some movement in the lumbar region, which means that I can no longer enjoy surfing as being able to stand up quickly on a wave is something I lost.

It was then I had the good fortune to meet  the ledgendry big wave surfer from Hawaii; Laird Hamilton. He was in the uk promoting Stand up Padlle boards.

I was hooked. Away to already be standing up as you catch the wave, meant that I could resume my passion for surf.

I then found that paddle boarding whether it was on the sea or river, dramatically strengthened my core and my back continues to improve.

The passion I have for both helping people and surfing, then naturally combined with the buying of 8 boards, which I keep at the gorgeous Rolling Mill Café, Toll bridge road, Batheaston. And hire them out so everyone can enjoy this fun sport on the stunning river Avon.

Costs are:

£15 for 1 hour

£20 for 2 hours

£30 for the whole day.

Just call me on 07771903831 and ill get you started. 



Sports massage acupuncture-Stand up paddle rentals, Batheaston , Bath T:07771903831 to book